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Below you will find a little more about where I stand on various issues, but it is possible that you are looking for a stance on a different issue. I am happy to answer your emails, text, or direct messages. To send me a message using this website, click here.

Smart Growth

Growth is coming whether we like it or not, but by strategic planning and enhancement of infrastructure, we can better absorb the influx. We need to do it right. And there are benefits that come from greater density like greater walkability and new businesses.


Fiscal Responsibility

We need to have sound budgetary practices and trim the fat wherever possible, but we also need to invest in our neighborhoods and our people. Part of fiscal responsibility is having long term vision and sustainable revenue sources.


Green Spaces and Green Practices

We need more green spaces for our kids, our dogs, and our own sense of place. And we need better environmental policies for the planet. Little things can make a big difference!


Attracting small businesses

Locally owned small businesses are a huge part of our tax base and create the kind of jobs and unique neighborhood character that help the city thrive.


Public safety

We need to offer competitive pay in order to recruit and retain our independent police and fire departments. South Salt Lake isn’t a sleepy bedroom community. We have special needs and need to maintain local control and autonomy for our first responders.


Clean, well-lit streets

I hate litter! I’m doing my part by picking up trash as I walk our neighborhoods. I’d love to work on ways to encourage others to help keep things clean as well. And enhanced street lighting is one of the best ways to beautify our streets and reduce crime.


Beautification projects, arts programs,  and events like Mural Fest help to create a sense of place and pride in our community.



More walkable neighborhoods are safer, healthier, and friendlier! And better walkability scores mean higher property values. 


Clearly, these values are all connected. Progress in any one respect enhances progress in others and help keep us working towards an even better city!